E-cig accessories the right way…

The e-cig is becoming standard practice these days and with that, comes the e-cig accessories that compliment these e-cig products.  Recently, I was traveling with a friend that is an avid e-cig user and was impressed with the acceptance of the e-cig among the public.

The ecig accessory that led me to the conclusion that the ecigarette is becoming accepted among the general public is the e-cigarette lanyard.  Basically this electronic cig accessory hangs the ecig around your neck like a necklace.  Easy access to the electronic cig and people can see the e-cig in plain site.

I thought this may be a problem traveling through the airport and TSA or airport security would stop the use or confiscate the e-cigarette device.  This, however, did not happen.  No one even took notice of the ecigarette hanging around my friends neck or even blinked an eye when casually taking a vapor hit off the electronic cigarette… even the TSA or airport security.

This was refreshing to see the electronic-cigarette so widely accepted and tells me that e-cigs are here to stay.

E-Cigarette Accessories Reviewed

Check out the variety of e cigarette accessories that we will feature each day from various e cig stores for those of you who enjoy smoking with an e cig.

We will feature ecigarette accessories such as cartomizers, carry cases, flavor cartridges, atomizers, and more e cig accessories.  We will also feature reviews on online electronic cigarette shops and street retailers.